• UNH Report Aging in Good Health – Lives of Meaning and Purpose

    Posted on November 9, 2017 by Susan Friedman in News & Views.
    “Recently, studies on health in older adults have expanded to examine positive attitudes and outlooks as predictors of good physical
    health outcomes and longevity in older adults. Overwhelmingly, this new research is showing that when older adults have a sense of purpose in life, they live
    longer and tend to have better physical and mental health. Building on these findings, this issue brief examines studies that explore the strong connections between
    purpose in life, community and social engagement, and physical and mental health. This brief highlights research around five key themes regarding these connections:
    • Purpose in life and feeling useful
    • Social activity to fight cognitive decline
    • Control over and responsibility for one’s own life
    • Positive self-perception and challenging negative
    stereotypes around aging, and
    • Social engagement and volunteerism.”

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